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Norma: Beyond Their Tears


The amazing story of an orphan girl who became a champion for orphans. They called her Yellow; but the sickly Palestinian-Arab girl’s name was Norma. She proved every bit as spunky and resilient as her Canadian-American moviestar namesake. Though she grew up in poverty; her boldness and ambition brought great personal success; including working in high-ranking international posts and rubbing shoulders with foreign diplomats and VIPs. Even so; her heart lingered with poor; disadvantaged children. Recent estimates indicate that the number of orphans worldwide is approximately 140 million.There are so many—and every one abandoned; neglected; vulnerable. So many children are in desperate need of food; shelter; safety; education; and love—what can one person do?How does a little girl raised by a devoted Christian mother; abandoned by her father; and eventually orphaned; overcome the odds and become the defender of orphans? Find out in Norma: Beyond Their Tears.