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Never Good Enough


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"Anne felt she could never please her parents. When she did something well; the usual response was; "You can do better." In her eagerness to please; she became a world-class giver. After two marriages and submerging herself in her work; she neglected her own child's need for affection. Follow in the path of her mother; the daughter started a pattern of abusive relationships and continued the cycle of codependence. Addiction and codependence can begin during the unsuspecting years of childhood; a time of innocence. Never Good Enough; by Carol Cannon; looks at the reasons behind addictive and codependent behaviors. Addiction is a no-fault disease; and understanding this can help in overcoming the behavior that ties us down. The good news is that change is possible. Carol Cannon draws on a wealth of experiences from her work as a therapist to provide examples of success; strength; and hope in winning the battle over addiction and codependence. Carol Cannon is the program director at The Bridge; which provides extended care for dependency disorders; specializing in the treatment of hidden addiction along with chemical dependency."