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My Bible Teaches Me About Creation


By Hale, Olivia / Paperback 

About the Book 

Who made the sky? Who made the mud, the ducks, and the fish? Join Ben and his dad on their camping trip to the mountains as they explore everything that God created. Learn about the six days of Creation and how special each person is because of the One who carefully made them. Look inside and learn what your Bible teaches you about Creation.

 The My Bible Teaches series was designed to give parents and teachers a guide to help answer questions that children ask on everything from daily moral issues to deep biblical concepts. These beautifully illustrated stories contain lessons paired with Bible verses to tackle each topic. The goal is not to give the perfect answer for everyone but to teach children and parents alike to get their answers straight from the Bible.


About the Author 

TEACH Services is delighted to create this practical and purposeful children’s series. As part of the publishing team, author Olivia Hale hopes to bring each concept to life in a way that is simple enough for children to comprehend, while challenging adults to dig deeper into their Bibles, too.

Graduating with a doctorate from Loma Linda in 2010, Olivia has been a communications director, published articles in Southern Tidings, Communique, ASI Newsletter, and GYC blog, written a Christian outdoor adventure blog, and now does freelance editing in addition to being a full-time acquisitions editor. She loves following Jesus as He leads her on new adventures that help shine a light on His character.

When she’s not writing, editing, or helping with the young adult group at church, Olivia enjoys outdoor adventures, mission trips, playing ukulele, exploring new places, and quality time with family and friends.