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Moving Forward


Dr. Worthington provides a path to freedom; from self-condemnation to self-acceptance; and to the life that Christ promises in Moving Forward. The partial truth about us is hard to accept: We hurt those we love. We fail to step in when others need us most. We do wrong—and we need forgiveness. From others and from God; but also from ourselves. But the full truth about us is liberating and freeing: while we are more deeply flawed than we can imagine; we also are far more valuable and cherished than we can comprehend. To reach the place of self-forgiveness; we must embrace this truth. The gift of God’s acceptance frees us from self-blame; guilt; and shame. In this practical; inspiring book; Dr. Everett Worthington identifies six steps to forgiving yourself: · Receive God’s forgiveness · Repair relationships · Rethink ruminations · REACH emotional self-forgiveness · Rebuild self-acceptance · Resolve to live virtuously Weaving the story of his brother’s suicide and his overwhelming feelings of regret together with psychological insight; scientific research; and biblical truth; Dr. Worthington opens a clear path to obtaining a full; meaningful life through Christ.