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More Power to Ya


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Here Are 365 Razor-sharp Devotions for Juniors AND THEN HE SANK. GLUG; GLUG. Maybe Peter neglected his devotions that day. Before you sink too; start each day off right with a little power boost. This book is your opportunity to fill that big empty hole inside you with God. Celeste Walker will put you in touch with Someone who will lighten your load and deepen your peace. You'll discover how salvation is like hiking to Bermuda. You'll meet The Ogre (the author's sister) who turned out sorta swell. You'll learn how to spot a phony dollar bill and how to keep Satan from cooking your goose. You'll learn to overcome a case of the "yeah buts;" and how to deal with things like self-doubt. Change. Grades. Dating. Anger. Popularity. The blues. Cheating. Pressure. Bananarama. (Don't ask. It's a weird game.) In short; you'll learn to rely on God and have a vibrant relationship with Jesus. Avoid terminal cluelessness. Get off your spiritual starvation diet. Before your boat meets the storm; find a hiding place. Spend a few moments in safe harbor with Jesus to power up for the day. He'll help you go the distance.