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More Incredible Answers to Prayer


Since writing Incredible Answers to Prayer Roger Morneau has received hundreds of letters and phone calls from people eager to share how God has blessed as they learned of the power of intercessory prayer and put it into practice. Often they would invite the author to join them in praying for individuals; and together they would see the Lord work in joyous and surprising ways. "The Spirit of God has been transforming lives; remedying desperate conditions; and providing victory for the hopeless;" says Morneau. In this inspiring book he shares many of these marvelous stories. The author addresses questions that people frequently ask about intercessory prayer; and discusses preventive prayer. He outlines steps we can take to bring the power of God into the lives of those we pray for; and tells how we can preserve our vital relationship with God. He also explains how intercessory prayer can allow God to send the Holy Spirit more fully to fight our love ones’ battle against sin. "I refuse to accept the widespread notion that there isn’t much one can do except to ask the Lord to watch over erring loved ones. We can claim the merits of the blood Christ shed on Calvary. And if we understand how that divine power can be enlisted for the salvation of those who have departed from God; we can expect mighty miracles of redemption to take place in the lives of those we pray for." – Roger Morneau.