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Messenger of the Lord *


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The Prophetic Ministry of Ellen G. White. God called a seventeen-year-old girl; frail and in poor health; to proclaim His Word and guide His people. For the next seventy years Ellen White served as the Lord's messenger--writing; preaching; counseling; traveling; warning; and encouraging--as she faithfully delivered the communications God gave her for His church and the world. How did her roles as wife; mother; neighbor; soul winner; and public personality affect her prophetic function? What is the relationship between her writings and the Bible? How should we listen to her writings today? Are they still relevant? What was the impact of her ministry on the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its doctrines? Messenger of the Lord is a fresh and appealing volume written both for those who are grateful for what Ellen White’s contributions have brought and for those who want to know more about her. Those with unresolved questions about her long ministry will enjoy the candid discussion of issues that have been raised in recent years about her claim to be God’s messenger.