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Lucy; the Curiously Comical Cow


Book #5 in the "Julius and Friends" series "This story; for kids; illustrates the friendship we can have with Jesus. Jenny wanted a baby cow. She knew just which one she wanted - the black one. But Lucy; the too-white calf; caught her attention and won Jenny's heart. Jenny knew Lucy was special; and before long the two of them became a team that brought unexpected fame to the Dawn-Lynn Dairy. Lucy learned how to play tag; bob for apples in water; and even fetch like a dog! Jenny loved taking special care of Lucy and teaching her all sorts of fun things. But most of all; Jenny knew Lucy was her best friend. Lucy helped her feel better whenever she was sad or lonely. And as Lucy grew to be a yearling then a milking cow; she showed Jenny that she never forgot what Jenny taught her. Jenny worked hard to help Lucy become a prize-winning cow. Corrine Vanderwerff's illustrative writing will appeal to readers of all ages. Preschoolers and early readers will appreciate the easy-to-read sentences and funny predicaments in which Lucy and Jenny find themselves. Learning the responsibilities of having a pet can often be a busy experience - but as Jenny found out - a rewarding one too!"