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Long Road to Armageddon


Armageddon: a word universally understood in the context of judgment and destruction that often strikes fear into the hearts of God’s people. But should it? In The Long Road to Armageddon; author Marvin Moore places the battle firmly in the context of the great controversy. “It is the conclusion of the struggle between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness;” he states; and as such; it is not something to be afraid of when recognized as the fulfillment of the hopes and dreams of God’s people. The Long Road to Armageddon examines the entrance of sin and expounds on God’s provision to save His children through the life; death; and ministry of Jesus. It also looks at God’s end-time church; what it looks like; the dangers of fanaticism; and stresses how essential it is for God’s children to develop a deep spiritual connection to the truth through the Word. As God’s Kingdom of Light and Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness prepare to engage each other in the final battle for the control of the human race and the world; the question we each need to ask is this: Am I prepared to face the coming conflict?