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Lighting Your Path


Have you ever been in a dark place where you longed for light? Perhaps it was a life experience which shook your faith and left you in the darkness of pain; doubt and confusion; and then you turned to God’s Word and received the light you were searching for. Maybe you had a serious decision to make and did not know where to begin; then; following a time of prayer and seeking God; you experienced a ‘light bulb’ moment and the answer came to you as clear as day. Lighting Your Path is a compilation of devotions comprising the life stories of women from varied backgrounds in the British Isles. Follow their devotional thoughts as they take you on their journey of discovery to a deeper walk with God; forged through the changing scenes of their lives. Some are stories of joy; where Christ was seen in a brighter light than before. Others are stories of challenge; trauma and pain; where God shed light on their daily walk with Him which enabled them to praise Him in spite of their circumstances. As you read each account may it bring you inspiration and a fresh glimpse of our loving Lord. May you receive strength for your journey; direction from above and joy for the way as God shines His light on your path.