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Light Of That City CD


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Carolina Heart-Song is four ladies who have dedicated their lives to lifting up Christ through music. Though they each bring different talents to the group; they blend to create a distinct palette of praise to the Lord. Every piece they do reflects their own group style – they provide their own accompaniment and vocal arrangements. Each of the members has been involved in Christian music throughout their lives. Judy Wolter-Bailey has completed 16 harp albums; and has won 16 Silver Angel Awards. Ginnie Hakes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with an emphasis in voice. Heather Darnell has recorded two albums with the group “Vision” and has sung for many large events. Alicia Crabtree has served her church of 700 members as the Music Committee Chairperson for over 17 years. All four ladies have been recorded on 3ABN. North Carolina is home to these ladies where they are active in church life. They all enjoy travel; doing creative projects; and being with their families. Their talent and passion for ministry is very much alive through the harp; piano and voice. Available Tracks: Symphony Of Praise - Heather; Solo On Eagle's Wings Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) Another Time; Another Place Wings Of The Dawn His Life For Mine Steal Away - Ginnie; Solo I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked I Bowed On My Knees And Cried 'Holy' - Heather; Solo Grace Alone The Light Of That City