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Lifting Up Jesus Bible Study Lessons Complete Set


This newly released series of lessons by author Karen Lewis are relational in nature. They speak not of what but of Whom. Jesus said in John 12:32; "But I; when I am lifted up will draw all men unto myself." these lessons are designed to do just that. These lessons were not developed just to give information but to disciple. The process of doing that has been largely lost. Instead we attract by prophecies and teach "truths." But in teaching others the gospel (both justification and sanctification) as well as sharing; step by step; how to have a personal relationship with Christ; we are building a solid foundation in a new believer's life. When you disciple someone you are grounding them in Christ and they are much more apt to go and disciple others. Lessons are sold in sets of 30. Lesson topics include: 1. Finding Peace Through the Bible 2. Why You Need a Savior 3. How God Saved Us 4. God's Supreme Sacrifice For You 5. Faith - What Is It? 6. The Christian's Source of Power 7. Conversion and Repentance 8. Surrender 9. Growing Up Into Christ 10. The Second Advent of Christ 11. Signs of Christ's Second Coming 12. Death 13. How Evil Began 14. The Truth About Hell 15. Satan's Time Out - The Millennium 16. Heaven 17. Why God Allows Suffering 18. God's Law of Love 19. The Sabbath - God's Sign of Faith 20. Why So Many Denominations? 21. God's Seal and Satan's Mark 22. God's Warning: The Mark of the Beast 23. The Meaning of the 144;000 24. The Christian and Principles of Health 25. Christian Standards of Living 26. The Meaning of Baptism 27. God's Money; Our Responsibility 28. Principles For Resolving Conflict 29. Prophecy - True or False 30. Living As a Disciple