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Learning Life: How Personal Devotions Can Make a Difference


By Roger Walter

“The life application is what was changing me. I was no longer simply reading the Bible. Now, I was reading it and applying what I read to my own life and seeing how it fit into my consciousness. . . . Reading the Bible as simply head knowledge but not applying it to one’s own life is almost pointless.”

Most Christians have heard again and again that personal devotions—alone time with God and the Bible—are a critical component of a healthy, growing spiritual life. Yet many don’t know how to “do” devotions. What should daily devotions look like, step-by-step?

In Learning Life, Pastor Roger Walter breaks down a three-step plan for personal devotions that changed his life.

Read. Pray. Tell.

This simple formula is flexible yet personal and powerful. It works for every age and ability and adapts to any schedule. Challenge yourself to begin the habit of daily personal devotions. Find out how in Learning Life.