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Last Call [Book 1-4 of The Last Call Series]


The world is buckling under the weight of catastrophe: 9/11; the great tsunami; earthquakes; forest fires; and wave after wave of hurricanes are but a fraction of the destructive forces ravaging our nation and our planet. Indeed; it seems like everything else is starting to go wrong too. The ongoing war on terror; an increase in brutal crimes; especially against children; economic and political instability; lawlessness and confusion; as seen in New Orleans; and the proliferation and acceptance of immorality all point to the rapid decline of a functioning society. It's gotten so out of hand that even mainstream; non-religious magazines like Time and Newsweek are asking; "Is this the end of the world?" The key to answering this question is looking into a long-forgotten past. In this classic masterpiece by one of the world's most influential writers; you'll begin to understand the cataclysmic events battering our world in a new light. You'll see how and why history is repeating itself all over again; yet now more dangerously than ever before. So different than anything you've ever read before; but authenticated by hundreds of Bible verses and keen insight; The Last Call is an eye-opening journey through human history and beyond that plunges you head first into the ultimate battle between good and evil. It's a must-read masterpiece that has given knowledge and assurance to millions. Now it's your turn to have the answers you need to face the future. Pages: 480 Trim Size 5.5 x 8.5