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Kindness Living


This is one of the best church growth tools today; yet; it’s compact enough to fit in your pocket. It encourages readers to have a kindness plan to touch the lives of precious souls by daily patterning their lives after Christ’s life. His life perfectly illustrated true courtesy; kindness; and gentleness; for it is in this endeavor that we as branches bear the fruit of the Vine. The workbook section is a strategy; leading readers to mirror the life of our Master and King with specificity. In so doing; we open wonderful opportunities to share Christ while creating a culture of kindness in our local churches and communities. You will be blessed by this simple approach in changing lives. “By faith we are to lay hold on a living God; and maintain an experience that shall breathe love; tenderness; kindness; compassion; and affection. These traits of character are the fruit that the Lord Jesus desires us to produce; and to present before the world as a witness that we have a Saviour who can uplift and who can satisfy. ... We need not be on the losing side; for in everything He is our sufficiency” (Our High Calling; 144).