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Julius: The Perfectly Pesky Pet Parrot


Book #1 in the "Julius and Friends" series Mitch was doomed. He couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. The lampshade lay in a pile of dust on the floor; exposing the metal skeleton of the lamp. His mom's beautiful walnut dining table had become scalloped overnight. Walnut chips lay on the floor accusing the culprit—Julius; the perfectly pesky pet parrot! Julius annoyed everyone with his phone imitations; thefts; and ear-splitting squawking. But when Julius scares away a suspicious salesperson and chases two mean dogs away; everyone starts to believe that Julius isn't as pesky as they thought. VeraLee Wiggins's witty text will appeal to readers of all ages. Preschoolers and early readers will appreciate the easy-to-read sentences and humorous illustrations. Learning the responsibilities of having a pet can often be hair-raising experience; as Mitch found out. But through every incident; he learns valuable lessons in living his life for Jesus.