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Joy of Eating *


Vibrant Life
For so many cultures and families; food is love. It’s a way of bonding; showing affection; and sharing life. It’s no surprise; then; that research has confirmed that when people eat together; they feel closer to each other. Not only does food unite us; it nourishes and delights us. It is such a central part of life that it influences everything from our health and relationships to our schedules and budgets. In this issue; we’re talking all about food; including how to build friendships over meals (p. 22); how to cook to improve your health (p. 34); how to elevate the flavor and creativity of your meals (p. 6); and how to make peace with your food and your body (p. 26). We’re also exploring the unexpected face of food insecurity in America what it really looks like and how you can help (p. 30). You have to eat; so you might as well enjoy it. Dig into these pages to discover new ways to make meals that improve your health; strengthen your relationships; and brighten your days.
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