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John Harvey Kellogg: Pioneering Health Reformer


"If I have any responsibility in a matter, I somehow cannot avoid feeling a burden of the whole."
–John Harvey Kellogg

Many people associate his name with Corn Flakes. But John Harvey was more than just a cereal maker. A physician, surgeon, dietitian, inventor, educator, administrator, religious leader, public speaker, and author, he crammed the accomplishments of many men into one lifetime.

He was a controversial man. He confessed to being high-headed, irritable, stubborn, hasty, suspicious, hypersensitive, morbid and fretful. Yet he was compassionate, donating large sums of money toward charitable causes. He was jealous of rank and yet when a co-worker became ill, offered monitary assistance and his own time and care.

In this engrossing biography Richard Schwarz exposes the man behind the controversy bringing J.H. Kellogg to life as a person, an adversary, a friend, and a true health pioneer of the Adventist church.