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It's My Choice: Teacher's Manual


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This revised edition of It's My Choice was created by Steve and Marit Case over the years as they learned more from God; from the "students" they have prepared for baptism; and through their interaction with each other. These 10 lessons are geared to prepare a person for baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Use this workbook to interact with Scripture; jot your own notes; and then refer back to this later as needed. Baptism should be seen as a significant step of increasing discovery in your life with Jesus; not a graduation or completion of it. It's your choice; so continue to choose. EACH LESSON INCLUDES a Scripture sheet with five key Bible passages and space to put them into your own words; a worksheet with various elements for you to interact with this topic; and a family talk sheet for you to dialogue within your family about this subject. THESE 10 LESSONS COVER THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: SUCCESS (SALVATION) SURPRISE (CREATION AND SABBATH) SHOWTIME (SECOND COMING OF JESUS) SEEK (SANCTUARY) SPECIAL (SPIRITUALITY) SHARE (SPIRITUAL GIFTS) SLEEP (WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU DIE) SHINE (STANDARDS) SHOUT (THREE ANGELS' MESSAGES) SYMBOLS (BAPTISM AND FOOT WASHING) PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SPIRAL BOUND BOOKLET