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It's My Choice: Junior Baptismal Guide; Teacher's Manual


Age-appropriate Baptismal Study Guides for Juniors! These are not revamped "adult" studies; but lessons created specifically for the concrete thinking of 10- to 12-year-olds––the most common age of baptism in the Adventist Church. The teacher’s manual contains ten studies to help kids explore and understand the 27 fundamental beliefs and the 13 baptismal vows of their church. Special sections help you understand the way kids think; and provide great ideas for making their baptism services unforgettable. Each study includes: An outline (for pastors who want to provide their own "copy") Five Bible passages for students to paraphrase (for understanding) Decisions students are to make How to make the study concrete (age-appropriate) Materials needed for visual aids/activities Complete script with internal directions and suggestions Copies of work sheets and simplified baptismal vows from the It's My Choice Student Workbook