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Intelligent Faith? [GT] (100/pack)


Joel and Mark were two friends with very different beliefs. Joel believed in God as the all–Sovereign King that created everything in the world. Mark was a devout atheist who scoffed at religion and thought the whole world – including himself – came about by accident; a biological mischance. “How do you know that God exists and the Bible isn’t just a book of fairy tales?” Mark often challenged. “God exists because the Bible says so and you can trust the Bible because it’s God’s Word;” Joel would reply. Mark would then chuckle at this illogic and say; ”That’s like saying; ‘I am a good worker because Frank says so. How can we trust Frank? Simple: I will vouch for him.’” The circular logic exhibited by Joel is faulty and will not convince anyone of the existence of God or that the Bible is true. Yet many today have no better reasoning for their belief in the Bible. Is there hard evidence in favor of the Bible’s validity? Do intelligence and reasoning go out the window when people become Christians?
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