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In His Word Bible Lesson Guides


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Set of 24 Bible Lesson guides. This set of Bible studies is based on the old time proven The Bible Says series but updated from the old illustrations and terminology. Fill in the blanks style answers with a 'Think It Through' section at the end of each study. Also has a cut-off 'Lesson Review' at the end of each lesson making it ideal to use as a correspondence series. Coloured pictures through out. Based on the KJV Bible. These studies are coded to match the page numbers of the Seminars Unlimited Bibles making it easy for new Bible students to find the Bible passages. Will suit correspondence; one-on-one; small group; or seminar style studies.
  • Is There Anything We Can Trust?
  • How is the World Did We Get Into This Mess?
  • The Man Who Was God
  • You Can Live Forever!
  • God’s Beautiful Tomorrow
  • A Glimpse of the Next World Empire
  • The King Is Coming!
  • Time Is Running Out
  • A Day to Remember
  • Who Changed the Sabbath, and Why?
  • Whatever Happened to Law and Order?
  • Is Baptism Necessary?
  • Are the Dead Alive?
  • God’s Love is Hell
  • Coming -1,000 Years of Peace
  • Your Day in Court!
  • God’s Last-day Church Identified
  • Growing up Into Christ
  • Revelation’s Mark of the Beast
  • God’s Money in My Purse
  • God’s Manual of Ownership
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • Following Jesus All the Way
  • The Steps to Eternal Life