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Impressed with God


Does the majesty and mercy of God stir your soul? Do you long for a deeper experience with God that leaves a lasting impression upon you? Do you desire for His character to be so deeply ingrained in your heart and soul that you want only what He wants? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions; then this book is for you. Life’s difficulties have driven author Kay Stevick to the Word of God with a quiet desperation to find the hope and help she needed. The insights shared here have been food for her soul and balm for her heart. Better yet; she has gathered together principles that can be steppingstones for anyone who wants to develop a closer; more intimate fellowship with God. Not only will you be strengthened to face your own trials and temptations after reading Impressed With God; but you will learn to identify and eliminate the things that hold you back; gain a deeper appreciation of the Creator’s love for each person; experience His deep longing for the salvation of others; and be prepared to inspire others to seek and find His saving grace.