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How to Give Impromptu Bible Studies


Why are you a Seventh-day Adventist? Such a simple question; but surprisingly many people do not have a good answer. They simply clear their throat and reply with something like; "W-e-l-l. I was brought up this way." How would you respond? How To Give Impromptu Bible Studies is a collection of twenty-four Bible studies on the core beliefs of the Adventist faith such as the state of the dead; the Sabbath; and the second coming of Christ. This book will prepare you for that moment when somebody asks what you believe. Also included is helpful information such as the method and system to having a good answer when needed. This book contains Bible studies for the following topics: The Bible—Its Origin and Canon The Bible—The Living Word Signs of the Second Coming The Second Coming of Christ The Millennium The State of the Dead Everlasting Fire The Sanctuary The 2300- Day Prophecy The Investigative Judgment The Two Laws The Commandments Before Sinai Christ in the Sabbath Sunday—The First Day of the Week Daniel 7 and the Change of the Sabbath Under Law or Under Grace Paganism The Papacy and the United States in Prophecy The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast The Ordinances of Baptism; Humility; and the Lord's Supper Tithing The Spirit of Prophecy The Two Covenants Standards of Church Fellowship