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How Soon Is Soon?


And so we pray; we work; and we wait—resting in the assurance that “God’s purposes know no haste and no delay” (The Desire of Ages; 32). For as long as we can remember; we have believed that “Jesus is coming soon.” This theme has been our central message—embedded in our very name—Seventh-day Adventist. Long ago; Adam and Eve waited for the Promised One; believing He would arrive in their lifetime. Each succeeding generation lived with the same air of expectancy—“Surely Jesus is coming soon!” And yet we’re still here; still waiting for His return. Author Marvin Moore tackles this tension by examining our expectations about the future. He shows how they influence our sense of mission. To be sure; Bible prophecy and current events point to Jesus’ soon return; but the precise timing of that moment rests entirely with God. He has only called us to share His love with a dying world.