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Hope of Glory


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Christianity is something like a Rubik’s Cube. Virtually everyone has heard of it; most people have tried it; but few have figured out how to do it successfully. In his struggle to live a victorious Christian life; Paul recounted his experience of falling far short of what he knew to be the will of God. But he went on to write about a Christianity that works and about Christians who grow into a faith that connects them with the mind and heart of God. Within the pages of this daily devotional; you’ll find Scripture to deepen your connection with God; stories to inspire your daily walk; lessons to guide your decision-making; and questions to challenge your thinking. For the gospel to be truly experienced and lived; Jesus must dwell in the heart. As He does so; the presence of Jesus—the reality of “Christ in you”—becomes the hope of glory to all who believe. Invite Him in today!