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Hook; Line; and Sinker


Have you been struck by lightning yet? Or are lightning-bug relationships still flickering in and out of your life? If you’re still waiting for your lightning bolt—the true love of your life—don’t settle for less than the extraordinary. The truth is that finding a balance between what society portrays as a picture-perfect relationship and Christian reality is hard—especially when the bait in chick flicks and teen magazines seems so attractive. But there is something better out there; and you deserve it! That’s why Heather Marie Thompson; taking the role of a big sister; invites you to walk a mile in her high heels so that you can avoid all the left turns that made her stumble. Using biblical concepts and stories from her own life; Heather tackles many of the challenges that you face—dating outside of your religion; jealousy; cheating; and sex before marriage—while emphasizing the importance of being anchored in the love of Christ. Now; what are you waiting for? Get away from that nasty hook and learn how to listen for thunder!