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Him Big God Day


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Him Big God Day and Other Remarkable Sabbath Stories “This day Him Big God Day;” Umie explained. “Me restin’ from me workin;’ and me thinkin’ ‘bout me Big God. “The supervisor laughed; thinking the woodcutter who had never seen a calendar had made a mistake. ‘You’re all mixed up. Tomorrow’s the Lord’s Day. T’day you work – Sunday you rest. Now off to work; mate!” “This day me no workn’;” Umie replied. “Preacher man; ‘e teachin’ me from him him Big Black Book. ‘E tellin’ me day seven is rest day of Him Big God. This day me no workin’.” “The supervisor grabbed Umie angrily; and slapped his left shoulder. ‘You get ready for work!” he shouted. Him Big God Day is a collection of remarkable; true stories about God’s faithfulness to those who honor His holy day. These stories will take you from the Kalahari Desert to cold and barren prison cells; from tribal wars in Rwanda to military barracks in French Guiana; from classrooms to family living rooms as they remind you that God blesses those who determine to follow Him. Stanley Maxwell has worked and traveled around the world; gathering stories about the Sabbath and about the God who showers His children with blessings. Him Big God Day is sure to become a family favorite in homes around the world.