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Here I Am: 365 Devotions for Teens


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Here I Am! With God; there is no age discrimination. As with Samuel; God often calls youth to do big things for Him. In fact; throughout the Bible; and throughout history; God has chosen young people to be His torchbearers; forging a path for truth to flourish. Here I Am; a daily devotional for teens; will help you recognize your potential for greatness with with God. You’ve seen enough to know that the world is an evil place in need of God’s love. You sense in your peers a desperation for justice. You want to make a difference. Make your devotions personal. Take time each day to be alone with God. He may be calling to your heart. Your relationship with God is an adventure; and the way you communicate with Him will be different on some days than others. Read your Bible. Spend time in nature. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Sing and pray. And listen carefully. What is His voice saying? Can you hear it? Will you say; with Samuel; “Speak; for Your servant hears” (1 Samuel 3:10; NKJV)?