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Heaven is Here


Life could be better. We could earn more money; have a happier family life; give back more to our communities; find greater satisfaction in our work. Even if things are going well at the moment for us; our circumstances could change in a heartbeat. And if our own pain isn't enough; a single newscast provides plenty of evidence that evil is alive and well around us. We all know that life in our world isn't what it could be—or what it should be. What we don't agree on is how to reach a better life. Do we strive for maximum self-fulfillment; regardless of the cost to others? Do we turn to politicians; educators; or activists to solve the world's problems? Do we hope for divine intervention sometime in the distant future? Waiting for the ideal circumstances is foolish. Waiting for everyone else to be perfect ahead of us is wishful thinking. Heaven is Here presents three simple yet challenging ways to achieve a better life. Humans have tried every alternative to this three-point plan. But evil still haunts us on a daily basis. Learn what can happen if we take God seriously and how to personally triumph over evil in our own sphere of influence. Right now. Today. Because heaven is not just in the future. Heaven is here!