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Guide's Greatest: Sabbath Stories


"I will give you people exactly five minutes to decide whether or not you will work on Saturday." Within five seconds came their determined but respectful reply. "We cannot and will not work on the Sabbath; though the heavens fall!" "What?" screamed the astonished Nazi; almost dropping his eyeglasses. "Well; then;" he stammered; "I hope your God can hear through the walls of a concentration camp!" Here is a collection of amazing but true stories about God's faithfulness to those who honor His holy day. A father has no money to send his children to church school until his boss offers him a raise–if he will work on Sabbath just this once. A son is offered a stack of money if he will forget his Adventist scruples. A man with a gun aimed at his heart has to decide whether to honor his conscience. Seventh-day Adventist athletes face Sabbath tournaments; musicians face Sabbath recitals; and students face Sabbath exams. Fishermen leave huge fish waiting in their nets at Friday sundown. Even inanimate objects honor the Sabbath–like the hammer that wouldn't work on that day; the thick harness torn in two by an invisible hand; and one super capacity water jug. Sometimes angels get into the act. One explains the seventh day in a dream. Helpful guides appear and disappear. A mysterious porter brings baked potatoes to a young man bleeding from the lash of his chief who demands he carry a load on the Sabbath. In each case God provides for His own. Taken from 50 years of Guide; a magazine for Christian youth; these stories prove God's promise: "Those who honor me I will honor" (1 Samuel 2:30; NIV).