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Guide's Greatest: Hero Stories


Heroic feats might actually be easier than you’ve ever imagined. Or maybe not! Flip through these pages and you’ll meet heroes who buy goldfish; stop a train from derailing; call a radio talk show; burst into tears; babysit; brave a blazing fire; squeeze through a tiny opening; return vast sums of money to the rightful owner; play the violin; dive into a lake to save a drowning girl; and skip a basketball game. You know; the typical things heroes do. Fearless or fearful; rich or poor; scrawny or brawny; popular or picked on; everyday heroes just make a simple choice. That’s the secret—they choose to put others first. Sound like anything you’ve heard before? Perhaps something like "In everything; therefore; treat people the same way you want them to treat you" (Matthew 7:12; NASB). Yeah; that’s it. Spoken by a true hero.