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Growing Up Adventist


"A fond look back at the church that taught me faith; laughter; and love. Andy Nash describes his early years as "a typical Adventist childhood." Maybe that's why his experiences hit home with so many typical Adventists. Sabbath Morning I can't remember ever missing church because of weather; though we're often late because of clothes. Mom and my sister Angel don't exactly see eye to eye on what's appropriate Sabbath attire. "You're not wearing those old clogs; are you?" I hear from upstairs while Dad and I sit in the living room and wait. Reverence Giggling in church was never planned. We knew that giggling was irreverent and besides; it hurt. Holding in a good giggle is hard; especially when your sister is desperately trying to do the same thing. You feel her shake and you do everything to avoid looking at her because if you do; you're gone. Potluck By the time we shuffled through line; only remnants of a once-respectable selection remained. The au gratin potato pan had been scraped clean. Small slabs of orange Jello drooped over the edges of a plate. A pair of green beans huddled in the corner of a large pot. A corn muffin sat alone; cold and hard. Worst of all; almost every dish carried traces of cucumber salad. Apparently; some kid had used the same spoon all the way through line. As Andy shares this affectionate look at growing up in the church (Potlucks; Ingathering; Sabbath Afternoon Drives; Sunday Laws; Summer Camp; Ellen G. White; Church Socials; Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue; and much more); relive your own childhood days; or help someone you love remember the "good old days." Growing Up Adventist. We're more alike than you think. Andy Nash is assistant to the editor at the Adventist Review. His recently-concluded "Growing Up Adventist" column makes up one-third of this book." Growing Up Adventist ~ We're more alike than you think.