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Great Controversy (Sharing) Chinese


By: Ellen G. White


Do you think the world is getting better or worse?

Unsurprisingly, a huge majority of people today believe the world is getting worse. Maybe this global pessimism is the result of a culture bathed in bad news, or maybe we inherently know the earthshaking truth presented at the heart of this book: Something is deeply wrong with our planet, and we are powerless to fix it.

The Great Controversy not only unveils the origin of human degradation but also discloses the titanic struggle raging below the din of pandemics and peril, corruption and carnage, murder and mayhem. In this astonishing work, you will discover that evil has a face, good has a Champion, and sin has an end. If you want to prepare for the end of this world and the glorious world to come, you must read this book.

這場偉大的爭議不僅揭示了人類墮落的根源,而且揭示了在流行病和危險、腐敗和屠殺、謀殺和混亂的喧囂之下激烈進行的巨大斗爭。 在這部令人驚嘆的作品中,你會發現邪惡有面孔,善良有冠軍,罪惡有結局。 如果你想為這個世界的終結和即將到來的輝煌世界做好準備,你必須閱讀這本書。