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God's Wrath Is Good News


Romans 1:18 states; "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men." When you read this; does it arouse fear or faith in you? I've heard it said that seventy-five percent of those who claim to be Christians became Christians because they were afraid of God's punishment. Is being afraid of God's punishment a good building block for faith? Is the gospel good news; bad news; or a combination of both? What does the Bible say about God's wrath? Is the Old Testament law the definitive word on God's wrath? If so; what do we do with the gospel (good news) of the New Testament? God's Wrath Is Good News gives the reader a new appreciation for God's holiness. Theology affirms that God set himself apart to redeem sinners. He did so because there was no other that could redeem them. Therefore; redemption is the epitome of a holy act. But if redemption is not God's primary focus and concern; then God's claim to holiness is put in doubt. It is the cross of Christ and God's provision of redemption that sets the revelation of God's wrath apart as being uniquely holy.