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God's Love Affair with the Guilty


Guilt is a major problem in the world today; even among Christians. Much guilt is the result of a misunderstanding of God’s true character of love. In this world; we come to expect punishment when we do wrong things. In order to avoid punishment and guilt from unacceptable behavior; many people will lie; excuse; deny; and fall victim to depression. This book reveals to those bearing a heavy burden of guilt a loving Savior who knew the fallen condition of mankind before He came to this earth to lay down His life as a ransom for guilty sinners. If we view the law of God simply as a set of rules that; if broken; will condemn us in the judgment; we easily fall into a form of guilt that can leave us devastated. This book presents the law of God in a light that draws the guilty to a God who loves sinners so much that He gave us the Ten Commandments; not as something restrictive; but as wedding vows between Himself and His bride—the church. We can only remain on a continuous guilt trip if we do not understand that Christ has already taken our sins and guilt upon Himself when He died on the cross. The penalty for our sins has been exhausted by His death; burial; and resurrection. God does not treat weak; erring sinners as they deserve; but with a grace that is greater than all our sins.