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God's Law and God's Grace


Jim Pinkoski. This attention-grabbing book gives the Bible facts on the moral law of God and how His grace works. Packed with astounding artwork and styled like a graphic novel; it's great for any age! Jim Pinkoski: I wanted to be an artist and a cartoonist since I was 10 years old -- I am entirely self-taught; and I learned to draw from copying and tracing my favorite comic artists. I was voted "Most Artistic" in my high school yearbook. I was raised Presbyterian; but our family eventually stopped going to church. In 1968 I went off to college at Sacramento State College; but dropped out in my 2nd year -- I only wanted to take ART classes; but the school made me take all these "general education" classes! I should have known that the only school I really belonged at was an Art School -- or better yet; I should have been in a cartoonist studio somewhere; but all of those seemed to be in New York or Los Angeles -- not where we lived!