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God Says; But I Think


"Has God's Word taken a back seat to our opinion? What do you believe in and why? Who is setting your spiritual agenda? The pastor? Church leaders? Our church institutions? Or you yourself? And as you consider these questions; ask yourself one more: Who cares what God says anymore? The question is valid because an increasing number of Christians today are depending on someone else to do their spiritual thinking for them. As a result; we are becoming a highly opinionated; confused; and spiritually weak people who are vulnerable to deception and to "every wind of doctrine" blowing about today. "If people would treat their business the way they treat the things of God and faith and eternity;" say pastor and author Morris Venden; "they would be bankrupt in a few weeks." God Says; but I Think is Venden's most urgent challenge to the church to prayerfully return to complete dependence on God in every aspect of faith and life. It urges us to have a faith that is grounded and centered in Christ and His Word rather than one that is based on the fickle opinions and experience of others."