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God Said It: Old Testament Heroes - 1 (Book 4/14) (Spanish)


Dios lo Dijo: Héroes del Antiguo Testamento - 1 (Libro 4 en serie) Español Este libro cuenta las historias poderosas de la confianza de Abraham e Isaac en Dios; la fe de Caleb y Josué; la promesa hecha a Rahab; y las lecciones difíciles que tuvo que aprender Sansón acerca de la obediencia. Más importante; este libro enseña lecciones poderosas acerca de cómo confiar en Dios y seguir sus planes para nuestras vidas. La serie Dios lo dijo utiliza hermosas ilustraciones e historias verídicas fascinantes para abrir la Biblia ante los niños. Les ayuda a entender la importancia de leer y aprender de la Palabra de Dios. Niños : 5-10 años GOD SAID IT: OLD TESTAMENT HEROES #1 (BOOK 4 IN SERIES) This book tells powerful stories of how Abraham and Isaac believed in God’s plan; the faith of Caleb and Joshua; how God’s people kept their promise to Rahab; and the hard lessons Samson learned about obeying God. Most important; the book teaches important lessons about trusting God and following His plans for their lives. God Said It is a new series of booklets from Pacific Press that are both fun for kids and ones that helps them understand the truths of God's Word. They are part story book and part coloring book. There will be 14 booklets in the series. Each booklet has 4 Bible stories and 4 coloring book pictures. And they are priced inexpensively so that you can use them widely in all kinds of settings. Here are a number of ways that you and the kids in your life can make the most of them. Each booklet contains a colorful advertisement for the attractive and popular FREE KidZone Bible Guides from the Voice of Prophecy. As well there is a link to Bibleinfo.com where adults can find their Bible answer Ages 5-10