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God Myth and Other Lies


These days agnostics are considered open-minded; atheists are considered scientific; Buddhists are philosophical—and Christians; well; they’re just considered fools. With so many myths and lies about God and Christianity out there; it’s easy for young adults to start questioning the relevance and certainty of their beliefs. If you feel as if a skeptical world is assaulting your faith; you are not left defenseless. In The God Myth and Other Lies Heather Thompson Day provides clear; well-documented responses to the most common falsehoods. Your own faith will be strengthened as you get solid answers about an array of hot topics; including Creation; Sabbath; Jesus; sex; death; and homosexuality. Don’t let other people’s doubt steal your faith. Instead; let their questions inspire you to study what you believe. As you do; God will turn any shaky faith into holy confidence.