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God Beyond Your Wildest Dreams


“Wait right there; Pastor.” Margie put up her hand up in the universal stop “sign”. She interrupted me in my first attempt to introduce her to Jesus: “I’ve heard that salvation stuff before. But it’s for good girls; innocent girls; not the likes of me. I’ve been around.” With one hand she gestured drawing attention to the tattoos on her arms. “I’ve done things that would make a sailor blush. My heart’s as black as that there cup of coffee. “As a little girl I went to church then drifted away and messed up. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. He has enough on me now to permanently bar me from the pearly gates let alone steppin’ through your church doors. You’re delivering your message to the wrong address trying to rescue me. I’m beyond saving. I assure you He doesn’t want me.” “Margie; I promise you that He wants you! From the day you walked away from His church and from His heart; He has pursued you like a lost treasure. Like an anxious mother staying up until her daughter returns home from her date; He eagerly awaits your return. With each sunrise He reminds you that He renews His mercy every day. He assures you that His arms of forgiveness long to embrace you. Each expression of love for you; from your sister’s gifts to the unexpected hug of a neighbor’s child; originates in His heart. He whispers your name in the night’s cool breeze. He still counts you as His daughter. He replays in your memory the songs of praise you sang to Him as a child; keeping you connected to Him; reminding you not just that He loves you but that you love Him too. He sacrificed Himself to get you back; because His family will not be complete without you. Margie; I tell you again; He loves you!” She stared at me glassy eyed and said nothing for a moment; then choking back the tears; she said; “That’s the God I wish I knew. If He were like you just said; then even I would have hope. But the God you just described is the God beyond my wildest dreams.” I broke into a smile. “Then let me introduce you to the God beyond your wildest dreams.” The 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are far more than just a list of doctrines; rules; and proof texts. Each belief tells a powerful story of God of indescribable love. This personal and small-group study guide unpacks each one and brings a God beyond your wildest dreams to life like never before.