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Fruit of the Spirit for Kids


Helping Children Develop a Christlike Character Galatians 5:22; 23 has been memorized by children down through the ages and around the world. But what’s the big deal about the fruit of the Spirit? Isn’t it just another memory verse? Join Karter and his friends; Mishanda; and twins Cameron and Kaitlynn; as they pick blueberries; go swimming; play basketball; and spend the summer learning about the fruit of the Spirit—and why it matters that we know about them. And even though; as Mishanda says; things such as patience; goodness; and faithfulness “don’t sound like anything you could bake into a pie;” you can learn how the Holy Spirit wants to place love; joy; and peace in our lives so we can grow to be just like Jesus. Teaching Tips are included to help explain the importance of developing a Christlike Character.