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From Sundown to Sundown


At the heart of the Sabbath is a Person - Jesus Christ. He's the Source of the joy we find in this special day. So if you're looking for a recipe for Sabbath keeping that contains all the dos and don'ts; you'll be disappointed. This book goes beyond rules to the principles of Sabbath keeping and beyond the principles to a Person. Perhaps you've noticed there is another word hidden within Sabbath - Abba - an endearing Aramaic term meaning "Father" or "Daddy". The Sabbath hours enclose us in God's presence. The Bible does not say; Remember the Sabbath day to keep it gloomy. Abraham Joshua Heschel; the great Jewish writer; believed it was a sin to be sad on the Sabbath. Are you satisfied with the way you celebrate the Sabbath? Try this test: which brings you the most joy - sundown on Friday or sundown on Saturday? Need some help revitalizing your Sabbaths? Dr. Colon identifies fifteen biblical principles to guide you that are based on the characteristics of God. He loves you and wants to spend time with you. In fact; each Sabbath is an opportunity to take a vacation with Him and His family!