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From Lemons to Lemonade


“My faith was about to be tested. I was about to see how much God’s love; amazing grace; and mercy would reach for me to get my attention. I had been running from God so long; doing things David’s way; and I was so far from home. I couldn’t make anything happen at this point. It was strange. An unfamiliar place for me. But this is where God had me.” “How did I get into this mess?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? David did when he found himself serving a prison sentence. He had run from God; until the day God finally got a hold of him. Join author; David Stevenson; on his amazing journey to prison and back. The situation that seemed hopeless and full of despair turned into David’s Bethel experience; where he met God. That’s when he finally realized that God had been pursuing him his entire life. In this moving and inspirational story; you will see how much God loves us. This book gives people hope that no matter where they have come from; God is waiting with outstretched arms ready to receive them and use them for His glory.