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For the One


In July 2010; a small group of Seventh-day Adventist pastors and chaplains met in a hotel room in Denver; Colorado; to share their burdens; pray with each other; and seek renewal for their lives and their ministries. After two days; a single phrase--"Jesus. All."--summarized their shared passion; a re-grounding in the core of their faith. They decided to invite some of their friends and colleagues to meet with them in Atlanta a few months later to begin to explore what "Jesus. All." means for each of our lives; our church; our communities; and our world. Now known as the One Project; these gatherings have been repeated and replicated around the world as more and more people have responded to the impulse and call to re-focus and renew faith in Jesus. Drawing on close study of the gospels; re-discovering key moments of Adventist history and exploring implications of Jesus-centeredness for the church today; the presentations collected in this book have served as discussion-starters at these gatherings; prompting ongoing conversations around tables; in hallways; offices; churches; and homes; as well as online. For The One is your invitaion to join these conversations; take them further and live them out in your community. And it is your invitation--again or perhaps for the first time--to make Jesus. All.