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Finding the Father


One Lie Breeds Another That first lie Satan told in Eden--the one that said God was actually a selfish liar--has spawned a multitude of untruths about who God is and what His feelings toward us really are. The human perception of God has been askew ever since; and we've struggled to relate to this God we don't really (want to) know. Naturally; since our view of God is distorted; our attitudes and behavior are rebellious--perceptions change our thoughts; thoughts influence our feelings; and feelings determine attitudes and behavior. Herb Montgomery goes straight to the root of the problem and sweeps aside the misperceptions of God and His character that cause us to spurn the only one who truly loves us. Some of Christianity's long-held; though biblically unfounded; views are confronted--God's true attitude toward pain and suffering; where guilt comes from; and what His forgiveness accomplishes. And the question that plagues every human heart is irrevocably resolved: If God really loves us; why does He allow horrible things to happen?