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Find Me If You Can! Old Testament - Search Activity Book


Do you like challenges? If so; this book is for you. You will not only have fun; but you can also test your ingeniousness and your attention to find the most extraordinary lessons you can imagine. With this book in your hands; you will enjoy; you will learn details of the Bible that you never focused on before; and you will also have a good time solving the unknown of each chapter. It’s all about finding objects; animals; tools; specific characters; letters; numbers; and much more. Find me if you can! Has every chapter based on a biblical story of the Old Testament? In this way; you will travel back in time and learn details from the creation of the world; the tour of Babel; Noah’s ark; the fall of Jericho; the reunion of Joseph and his brothers; and many others. With these detailed and full-color stories; you will take a closer look at what’s behind each Bible story. I invite you to know and live your favorite Bible stories; excitingly! Age: 9-12 years old