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Finally Fit!

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Your Fitness Success BEGINS HERE! Do you see exercise as an activity that you look forward to; an activity to avoid all together; or something that ends up in a rut? Imagine a fitness program that is either fast; fun; friendly or factual - one that fits you. Fitness instructor; personal trainer; and life coach Lorraine Bossé-Smith helps you discover your FIT (Fitness Individuality Trait); using her exclusive personality assessment program that will take you on a path to good health. Your journey features a customized; unique exercise program that will revolutionize your life. This inspiring book will enable you to: Discover your unique personality style Lose weight and firm up Identify why other workout programs may have not worked for you in the past Determine the perfect fitness approach for your temperament Achieve the health you have always dreamed of-and become finally fit Finally FIT! is not a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. This book features an exercise protocol; health and nutrition tips; and exciting ways to advance a well-balanced lifestyle; all tailored to your personality style. It will help you achieve optimal health. You will find fitness success and good health through Finally FIT!