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Final Empire: Will America Collapse?

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Religious Liberty’s Last Stand… The United States is the single greatest nation that has ever existed; but the rise of the republic was no accident. It was formed out of hundreds of specific events that started over 3;000 years before the creation of its Constitution. With such a calculated history; could the birth of this nation be just coincidence or did the hand of God direct the formation of the New World? And for what purpose? Explore the annals of history and unveil the tapestry of events woven together to construct a brand–new empire. Uncover the true reason Columbus sailed into uncharted waters and how the fall of Constantinople set the stage for the creation of the United States; hundreds of years before its inception. As you follow the events that shaped America; you’ll see the evidence that the United States is a country founded on the principle of religious liberty. Ultimately; you’ll learn the Bible’s specific warnings for America today; and discover what the nation must do to maintain its freedoms in the future.