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Families Reaching Across (NAD Edition)


Families Reaching Across was created to assist pastors and ministry leaders with communicating the importance of reaching out to neighbors; relatives; and friends in a ministry of compassion and grace. From seminars and children’s stories to articles and book reviews; you will find an abundance of resources available in this planbook. Seminars— PowerPoint Presentations Available at www.adventistfamilyministries.com Homes of Light: Sharing the Light Dating: A Biblical Perspective Keeping Our Teens Safe from Themselves Parenting All God’s Children Becoming Single Again Children’s Stories Faith and a Box of Cereal How Jeff Witnessed During the Forest Fire Family Ties Leadership Resources The Family and Adventist Schools Joining Hands Loneliness: A Spiritual Approach to a Very Human Signal A Message to Teens about Domestic Violence Parenting Teens in a Digital World Articles Maximizing Marital and Parental Satisfaction in Pastoral Couples Securing Christian Marriage and Family Prayers for Kids that Get Answered The New Conversation About Race